Our Services

At Synpura, we are able to handle a full synthesis program for you, consisting of route scouting, sourcing of raw materials, synthesis, processing, analysis, documentation and shipping. 
We specialize in process and product development and carry out contract research - be it to research new synthesis routes or to optimize reaction conditions.

 Synpura's range of services includes: 

  • Analytical Services
  • Chemical Research & Development 
  •  Small productions 


In addition to chemical synthesis, we offer processes for the purification and analysis of substances. All of our products come with a certificate of analysis.

(Order) Analysis

Synpura has a number of options for qualitative and quantitative analysis for incoming inspection, process control and product specification verification. A special focus are NMR spectroscopic investigations; here, in addition to protons, numerous other nuclei (such as 13C, 19F, 29Si or 31P) can be examined as standard, which enables a complete structure elucidation. 

The following analysis devices are used, among others:

  • NMR-Spectrometer 
  • HPLC-MS 
  • UV/VIS-Spectrometer 
  • Viscosimeter 
  • Karl Fischer oulometer 
  • Titrators

Research & Developement

Our portfolio includes syntheses in the areas of organic & inorganic chemistry, polymer and specialty chemistry. 
Adapted to your needs, we develop syntheses for you or manufacture the desired product according to the synthesis processes you have already worked out. 
We greatly value a trusting and long-term cooperation with our partners. 

 Small productions

 As an example of small-scale production, Synpura produces a macromer on a multi-ton scale exclusively for a customer.
After optimizing the process, an efficient production plant was drafted, for the operation of which an approval procedure according to BImSchG was successfully carried out. Due to the high quality requirements, the entire process takes place under GMP-compliant conditions.